Welcome to Think Woodworks

Making for me is fun and I hope to show that in my videos, and in some small way I hope to inspire people. Woodworking/making can be anything you want it to be and the only limitation is the limitations we as individuals place on ourselves.


Impossible Folding Bench

With all the buzz these days about tiny homes  and living smaller furniture has been getting more and more attention


Izzy’s Dog Hole Clamp

  There are advantages to having a web designer who is also a woodworker. For instance, the conversation we had


Think Woodworks Furniture Design Challenge 2016

More to read: Green Gables, Inc. Woodland Creek Furniture How to enter: Submit your video to izzyswanthinks@gmail.com (see below requirements). The best


Think Woodworks – Daily Planet

In October 2015, a crew from Discovery Channel Canada was at my shop and filmed a segment for the Daily


Candy Bar Cross Bow

I’m not myself when I’m hungry A thin piece of spring steel is used to keep the candy bar aligned


December 2015 Giveaway

This giveaway is open to persons 18 years of age (or older) and are legal residents of the United States

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